Confessions of a Hunkydory Addict

I am a stamper at heart and part of me thinks that using a kit is somehow cheating when it comes to making cards.  That was until I discovered Hunkydory.  I now have a huge stash of goodies, enough to make hundreds of cards.  However now that we are starting to seriously think about what happens when my husband retires in a couple of years and we leave the big vicarage for our small cottage, drastic downsizing is needed and so I am in the slow process of making room in my craft cupboard so that there is no overflow!  A good excuse to tackle the mountain of Hunkydory packs, so for the past few days that is what I have been doing.  Here is the proof!





All those cards have make hardly a dent in my stash, which not only goes to show how much I had but also what great value Hunkydory is!  Also as I have been suffering from an acute case of creative cramp putting these together had kickstarted the creativity again.  Now to find the time to get cracking on some serious stamping!!

Thanks for popping in.  Take care.



About Pippa

I started crafting at an early age though not always successfully, my pillowcase tennis dress has, thankfully, disappeared into history. Funnily sewing is not something I enjoy! My favourite crafty activity has to be card making, especially stamping which I have been doing for over 20 years and am still a beginner, there is always something new to learn. I also enjoy knitting and crochet. I am not an artist, cannot even draw a straight line with a ruler, but I love colouring in, which is why stamping appeals so much. I am married, have recently retired from being a part time HLTA at a local village primary school, have two grown up daughters, both married and a mad cat called Finnegan. That, in a nutshell, is me.
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One Response to Confessions of a Hunkydory Addict

  1. Mary H. says:

    Oh my goodness! What a wealth of beautiful cards you have shown today. And in so many different styles – all the lovely images, wonderful folds and just general deliciousness. Don’t think using a ‘kit’ would bother me, as long as a pretty card was the outcome. Like what you have here. I see a lot of the UK folks using Hunkydory, but have never seen any in my area. Downsizing is not the easiest thing to do. That was our plan when we left Fla. We ended up with a smaller floor plan, but a house with a basement and attic – which we didn’t have in Fla. One of these days, I’d like to have a small patio home or condo. Not sure if DH would be happy in such. It gets to be a chore & expense as well, to take care of a larger space, that 2 people don’t really need. Have a lovely weekend, and TFS such a beautiful assortment of wonderful cards. Hugs

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