A smashing time!

Smash Book and Goodies

I recently came across ‘Smash Books’ on a crafty website.  Curious to know what a ‘Smash Book’ is I did a bit of research and was hooked by the concept.  Basically it is a place to keep all those bits and pieces that usually get thrown into a draw and forgotten about.  You have probably got a drawer or box like it yourself, full of ticket stubs, newspaper cutting which caught your eye, all the things, in fact, that we collect meaning to do something with. 

First Smash Book, First Page
When a local craft shop started stocking the books and a good selection of crafty bits for it, it was too tempting to let slip so I went off and got one, plus a few of the other crafting goodies to go with it.  The result is I now have a book to act as a cross between a scrapbook and a diary, somewhere to put all the jottings and saved memorabilia that I tend to collect.  I thought I would share the first page with you; the first page is always the hardest!  Basically I used it to record when, where and how I got my first ‘Smash Book’.


About Pippa

I started crafting at an early age though not always successfully, my pillowcase tennis dress has, thankfully, disappeared into history. Funnily sewing is not something I enjoy! My favourite crafty activity has to be card making, especially stamping which I have been doing for over 20 years and am still a beginner, there is always something new to learn. I also enjoy knitting and crochet. I am not an artist, cannot even draw a straight line with a ruler, but I love colouring in, which is why stamping appeals so much. I am married, have recently retired from being a part time HLTA at a local village primary school, have two grown up daughters, both married and a mad cat called Finnegan. That, in a nutshell, is me.
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